Christ the Redeemer

Located on top of Corcovado mountain, at a height of 23000 feet, Christ the Redeemer statue symbolizes Christianity in Brazil. The statue is approximately 30 m tall. The left arm of Christ points towards North Rio De Janeiro and the right arm points towards South Rio De
Janeiro. This is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Brazil and you would never want to miss this if you are visiting Brazil!

christ the redeemer brazil tourism

Image: Christ the Redeemer

There are various reasons why people visit this place. It is a religious symbol, it has a wonderful viewpoint are just a couple of them.

How to reach:

There are various options to reach the peak and are listed below.


The van services start from either Largo do Machado or Copacabana and the price include
your entry ticket as well. The services starts at 8 am. You can purchase tickets here.

Cog train

This is the most scenic route! The train crawls up along the Corcovado mountainside though
the green Tijuca National park. Prebook the tickets to avoid the long queue and enjoy the
mesmerizing journey. You’ll enjoy it!

There are train services every half hour from Cosme Velho station and the upside journey
takes roughly 20 minutes.

Ticket charges: R$56,00 in low seasons and R$68,00 during high season for a round trip
including the entry tricket to Christ the Redeemer.


For adventure freaks! You will spend at least 2-3 hours if you choose this option. But we
don’t really recommend this option unless and until you have a craze for hiking. Pleae be
aware, the the hiking-up route through Tijuca rainforests have not been that safe and there
had been cases of robberies reported infrequently.