Port Lockroy

One of the most scenic and popular tourist attractions in Antartica, Port Lockroy is a natural harbor in Wince Island. Its base is in Gourdier Island. The island is discovered in 1904, and was initially used for whaling, and later it was made a British Military base. After 1990, the base in Gourdier island was converted to a museum with gift shop, whose revenue is used to conserve Lock Portroy and other historic sites around Antartica.

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Currently the base conducts a lot of researches on human/tourist impact on the continent etc – which aren’t really important to visitors ahem 😉 But yes, scientists use these data to restrict the number of visitors/ships entering the continent, which helps preserve the continent.

Interestingly, there is a post office near the gift shop at Port Lockroy where visitors can send cards and letters to any part of the world (but they will take several days to arrive the destination!), and buy souvenirs. Please note – mostly they accept US $. They will also accept UK £ and Euro €.

How to reach:

Address: Goudier Island,Wiencke Island, Antarctica

Entry to Port Lockroy are via the IAATO ship scheduler. It is recommended to land at the west of the island, where there are old whaling mooring chains. you can directly reach Bransfield House as there is a direct walkway.

You are adviced to clean your clothing and boots before entering the building. There are boot scrubbers which you can use and you are not supposed to smoke or use matches here.

For any questions or queries while you are at the destination, the Port Lockroy team will assist you.

Also, there is a restriction for tourists on half of the island, as there are penguin monitoring researches going on. Kindly abide the rules and avoid tresspassing 🙂 Help team Port Lockroy in maintaining the island as beautiful as it is! Be assuered, you will enjoy every minute spent on this island 🙂