The Drake Passage

Drake passage is the water body between Antarica’s South Shetland islands and South America’s Cape Horn. It is one of the major adventure-tourist attractions in Antartica, infact one of the best water passages in the world, and attracts a handful of visitors every year. The Drake passage derived its name from the English privateer Sir Francis Drake, whose last remaining ship was blown here which led to the discovery of this passage.

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Image: A view from a sea cruise through the Drake Passage

The passage is 800 kms long (500 miles) and is infact the shortest crossing distance from Antartica to any other continent (South America).

Due to the huge volume of water and its position on the globe, the sea gets rough often and nasty storms are common in this area. The area has reported waves which blow up to 30 meters height and many passengers have reported nausea while traveling. But hey, the rough seas and waves can be entirely skipped if you opt to fly to Antartica on a fly-cruise. After all, it is the unexplored continent – Antartica and you can’t miss the adventures here! And if you choose to travel the entire passage, it would definitely be a lifetime experience.