Deception Island, Antartica

Deception island of Antartica has got so many specialities. Apart from being one of the top tourist attractions in Antartica, it is one of the safest harbours in the continent. This island is actually an active volcano’s caldera. Though it is surrounded by icy ocean, walking around the shore of this island gives you the warmth you need in a place like Antartica. Earlier, this island was used by whale hunters and had a whaling station. But not anymore. The remains of this are still seen in the island, as there are rusting boilers and tanks, houses, storage tanks and cemeteries of sailors.

deception island antartica tourism

Now this island is a scientific outpost where Argentina and Spain have their research bases. Antartic Treaty System administers this island.

One of the main reasons why this island attracts tourists is the chinstrap penguin colonies it possess. Also, as mentioned before, the shores around this island is pretty warm, and people coming here enjoys a warm bath by digging the sands of the shore.

The island is almost a circle shaped with a diameter of of around 12 kms (7.5 miles).


What to do:

  • Hiking around the village
  • Head up to the look out point called Neptune’s Bellows (which is the entrance to the bay) at the beach
  • The black sand beaches inside Neptune’s Bellows is a treat.
  • Cold-water swim 😉
  • Explore the chninstrap penguin colonies
  • Enjoy the warmth at the shores of the island.