Table Mountain, South Africa

Table mountain is one of the major tourist attractions in South Africa. This is a flat-topped landmark over the mountain in the city of Cape Town, and attracts a large number of tourists all around the year making it one of the best tourist spots in Africa.

table mountain south africa tourism

Image: Table mountain view from the beach in Cape Town.

How to reach the top of the mountain:
Many of the visitors use the cableway (operating from the base; more details given below) to reach the top of the mountain and the others prefer hiking. The cable cars are capable of carrying 65 passengers in each trip.

This mountain is a part of the well known Table Mountain National Park and is a huge treasure of many exclusive flora and fauna (claims to be home for more than 1470 species of endemic flora). You will also find a lot of critically endangered vegetation hence making it a favourite spot for biota students as well.

What to do at the top:
There are restaurants and shops where you can have refreshments. If you want to take a small walk above the plateau, there are three walkways – Dassie Walk, Agama Walk and Klipspringer Walk. Guided walks are there as well. And don’t forget to click pics when you are above the mountain!

If you are hiking up, you will come across five dams at the top, and this makes the place on of the best picnic spots in South Africa.

For the adventure freaks, there is an option to jump from the cliff.

How to reach Table Mountain:
If you are staying in the City Center of Cape Town, it is very easy. You can either take a bus, car, taxi or bicycle as CBD is right below the mountain. Alternatively, Cape Town’s MyCiti Bus is a reliable affordable option too, which takes passengers to the lower Cableway station.

cable car south african tourism

Image: A cable car going up above Table Mountain

More information about Cableway Station.